POWERTraxx Conversion Kit for EZ-Glide Stair Chair

Upgrading from a standard evacuation chair to a powered model doesn’t have to mean abandoning existing equipment and starting from scratch. 

The POWERTraxx conversion kit contains everything that’s needed to economically retrofit power control onto an EZ-Glide Stair Chair, transforming it into the most flexible powered track chair available anywhere. Installed by a trained technician, the kit includes all the parts needed to convert a standard chair into a powered chair: a motorized track module, control panel, battery and charger, and all necessary mounting and connection hardware.

All Features and Benefits

  • Complete peace of mind – conversion is carried out by expert technicians, and training is provided on how to operate the converted chair 
  • Flexible and versatile – the converted chair climbs and descends stairs, goes around corners, and tackles difficult terrain without strain 
  • Convenient to use – detachable battery stays charged over for 20 flights of steps, with only 60 minutes recharge time