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New FERNO Chair Cot

The PRO 28Z Chair Cot—a modern redesign of the classic 28Z PROFlexx—provides exceptional maneuverability and stability.

With its specialized ZFrame Advanced Positioning, the PRO 28Z transforms from a cot to a chair so that you can easily navigate tight hallways, narrow staircases, and elevators—all without transferring the patient. The PRO 28Z is compatible with the FERNO iNLINE Fastening System for SAE-compliant safety in the ambulance. 

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Why We Look Familiar

From pioneering use of aluminum tubing to creating the revolutionary Model 30 X-Frame Cot to innovating the transformative technology of iNTRAXX, FERNO has led the way to better, safer, and more efficient care. Any EMT or Paramedic who has transported a patient has encountered a product derived from FERNO's innovations, which date back to 1945. 

Ferno-Washington, Inc, Founders, Elroy Bourgraf and Dick Ferneau

Our History

It's Now Easier to Get iNTRAXX

Ask your preferred ambulance builder or dealer how you can upgrade your fleet to the iNTRAXX Integrated Vehicle Component System! The modular ambulance system is SAE-compliant and customizable.

Achieve your 2020 goals with iNTRAXX

✅ Increase Safety
✅ Improve Inventory Control
✅ Reduce Turn Time
✅ Improve Infection Control
✅ Increase Efficiency
✅ Reduce Costs
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