Model 430P Restraint Straps

Model 430P Restraints are adjustable secondary-use restraints designed to secure a patient on a backboard, hand-carried stretcher, scoop stretcher, stair chair, or extrication device. The restraints feature a plastic buckle and tang and are made of 2-inch polypropylene webbing. Available in one- or two-piece styles and in 5- or 7-foot lengths.  

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All Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable secondary-use restraints
  • Side-release, snap-lock plastic buckle tolerates aquatic situations without water damage
  • Squeezable outer prongs allow secure fastening and easy release
  • Hemmed tab prevents strap from being pulled free of buckle
  • Available in one- or two-piece styles and in 5- or 7-foot lengths

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