Scoop EXL TSL Extenders

The TSL Extender allows you to widen the surface area of the Scoop EXL Stretcher for the transportation of physically larger patients.

With a safe working load of 227 kg and adjustable length, the Scoop EXL is capable of carrying a range of patients, from young to old, small to large. When attached to the head-end, foot-end, or at both ends, the TSL Extender accessory allows the Scoop EXL Stretcher to be extended in shape and width to accommodate larger body shapes and sizes. Sold individually. 

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All Features and Benefits

  • Allows you to accommodate patients of all sizes and increases stretcher support and maneuverability for larger patients 
  • Great for use in sports or bariatric scenarios 
  • Easy to apply—TSL extenders simply clip in  
  • Flexibility of use—can be used at head-end, foot-end, or at both ends 

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