NAJO RediWide Backboard

The NAJO RediWide is 18 inches wide and 1.75 inches thick for patient rescues that require "more backboard." The rectangular shape allows patient placement from either end. The NAJO RediWide features angled edges for smooth log-rolls and patient placement. The NAJO RediWide is buoyant and can be used to float a patient weighing up to 172 lb on water.

NAJO boards meet OSHA recommendations with strong, one-piece high-density, polyethylene plastic construction. The backboards are filled with polyurethane foam and feature greater density around the handholds. They are impervious to all bodily fluids, easy to decontaminate, and are 100% X-ray translucent. Strong, yet lightweight, NAJO boards are buoyant and can float a patient in water.

All Features and Benefits

  • Solution for wider patients
  • Capable of floating 172 lb
  • Rectangular shape allows patient placement from either end
  • Strong, one-piece high-density, polyethylene plastic construction
  • Angled edges allow for smooth log-rolls
  • Impervious to all bodily fluids
  • Easy to decontaminate
  • 100% radiolucent


16 lb
Load Limit
600 lb
18 in
72 in