Bradco Stretcher System

The Bradco Stretcher System, by Traverse Rescue (a FERNO Group Company), includes a heavy duty all-aluminum frame construction with features well suited for industrial rescue applications. The spring-suspended patient support and restraint system supports the patient above the bottom of the stretcher for more comfortable transport.

A secure double flap cover and restraint strap allows patients to be transported safely in a horizontal or vertical position. The polyethylene shell is resistant to chemical agents such as chlorine or petroleum products, slides smoothly over all kinds of terrain, and resists being caught or hooked on protruding objects.

The shell helps to protect the patient from coming into contact with sharp objects, rough terrain, and snow and ice, and it is removable for easy cleaning as well as replacement. The Bradco Stretcher System includes the basket stretcher, a built-in support and restraint system, and lifting straps.

All Features and Benefits

  • Well-suited for any type of rescue, including industrial applications
  • Designed for horizontal and vertical use
  • Heavy-duty, all-aluminum frame protects patient and has a 2,500-lb strength rating
  • Double-flap cover allows patient to be transported securely in almost any position
  • Polyethylene shell is resistant to chemicals and glides smoothly over various types of terrain
  • Suspended restraints system allows for fast immobilization and comfortable evacuation


46 lb
Load Limit
2500 lb
25.2 in
80 in