iNTRAXX Mounts

Loose supplies in the back of the ambulance can become projectiles in the event of a crash or hard maneuver. iNTRAXX Mounts are designed to safely secure a variety of loose EMS equipment and supplies. The mounts feature a quick-release design that allows caregivers to easily move equipment and adapt the environment inside an ambulance on the fly.

Do you have loose equipment in the back of your ambulance? FERNO offers mounts that can secure:

New Mount | iNTRAXX Oxygen System 

The iNTRAXX Oxygen System, developed in partnership with Spiracle Technology (a FERNO Group Company), is a lightweight, fully-contained oxygen system that increases productivity and reduces risk of injury.

The industry’s first complete oxygen system, the versatile unit easily adapts to many usage scenarios and can be configured in the ambulance based on your specific needs. Contact a FERNO Sales Consultant to learn more.

See How iNTRAXX Mounts Put Equipment within Reach

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