Model 677 MedKids Pediatric Sleeve

The Medkids Pedi-Sleeve fits over standard adult backboards, adapting them for pediatric immobilization for patients ranging from 12 lb to 60 lb. Repositionable, crescent-shaped compressible head blocks, restraint straps, and a self-contained Pneumatic Positioning Device (PPD) ensure patients are secure and fully immobilized.

All Features and Benefits

  • Includes restraint straps and a self-contained Pneumatic Positioning Device (PPD)
  • Rolls into a self-contained carrying case to store in small compartments, drawers, or under bench seats
  • Crescent-shaped compressible head blocks allow access and visual monitoring of the ears while maintaining immobilization


3 lb
Load Limit
60 lb
20 in
1 in
40 in