Model 804 ORO2 Aluminum Oxygen Regulator

The durable Model 804 ORO2 Aluminum Oxygen Regulator offers high-quality gas regulation. The Model 804 features a CGA 540 DISS inlet for H and M size cylinders, and one DISS 40 to 60 psi outlet with a safety check valve. UL listed 0-40000 psi pressure gauge with boot.

The ORO2 regulator body is constructed from a solid piece of aluminum, creating a uni-body style regulator. All internal high pressure metallic components that see the initial cylinder pressure are brass. The regulator is gold anodized, providing an attractive corrosion resistant finish.

ORO2 regulators provide a gas regulated pressure of 57 psig at 2000 psi with flow accuracy of plus or minus 10% of reading. Flow specifications range from 0-25 lpM.

All Features and Benefits

  • CGA 540 inlet connection for H and M size cylinders
  • DISS 40 to 60 psi outlet with safety check valve
  • 0-4000 psi pressure gauge with boot
  • Brass internal components
  • Flow specifications range from 0-25 lpm
  • Includes a five-year warranty