EE-Lite Carbon Fiber Oxygen Cylinder

Fully wrapped, carbon-fiber reinforced, aluminum-lined vessels manufactured with the highest-grade aerospace materials. Carries DOT regulatory certifications for design and qualification certifications. The significant reduction in weight and greater capacity of the carbon-fiber vessel means you can carry more oxygen to remote locations, onboard helicopters, up flights of stairs, and in an ambulance.
Service Pressure: 2216 psi (153 bar)
Volumetric Capacity: 516” (8.46 liters)
Oxygen Content: @2216 psi: 1,377


  • Model 210 EE –Lite with CGA 870 Post Valve and On/Off Toggle
  • Model 211 EE-Lite with CGA 540 Valve Outlet

All Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured using the highest grade aerospace materials
  • Carries DOT regulatory certifications
  • Lightweight and high capacity