Basket Stretchers

Search and rescue operations can involve transporting patients across all kinds of terrain, down mountain slopes, or through wooded areas. In situations like these, your crews need a tough but lightweight rescue basket stretcher.

FERNO manufactures basket stretchers that meet a wide variety of needs.

FERNO Traditional Basket Stretchers Offer Flexibility

FERNO’s rescue basket stretcher models are made of various materials, each offering its own advantages. For the lightest possible stretcher, consider the Model 71 Basket Stretcher which features an aluminum frame and polyethylene shell. For the highest strength rating you can find, the stainless-steel framed Advantage Basket Stretcher can’t be beat.

Our rescue basket stretcher accessories enhance functionality and improve patient safety by making each model fully customizable. Each model features a replaceable foam mattress for better patient comfort. Add a set of versatile quick-release patient restraints to easily change strap positions for each patient.

Our basket stretchers are also compatible with the Model 418-1 Adjustable Lifting Bridle. If you choose the Model 71 Basket Stretcher, you can also add on a 5-Section Flotation Collar to assist with water rescues.

Split Basket Stretchers

For easy storage and unmatched strength, consider a split rescue basket stretcher. These two-piece stretchers assemble in seconds and disassemble just as fast for easy transport and storage. With a stainless steel frame and high-density polyethylene netting, FERNO’s split basket stretchers are rated for up to 2,500 lb. capacity. Many of our basket stretcher accessories are also compatible with split basket models.

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