Model 175 Fastening System

The Model 175 Antler and Rail Fastening System is designed to limit the movement of a FERNO ambulance cot inside the compartment of a ground-based ambulance. 

Compatible Cots

X-Frame cots: Series 30, 35A, 5848, S-76, XCalibur, PROFlexx 35P, 35X, 35X-EFNY, POWERFlexx+ Powered Cots Series 
H-Frame cots: Series 29, 93, PROFlexx 93P, 93H 

Standard Mounting Kits

A mounting kit is needed to install the fastening system. The mounting kits below provide removable or permanently-mounted components to affix the antler and rail in the ambulance.
  • 175-1: Permanent, wall-mount rail, permanent antler
  • 175-2: Permanent, floor-mount rail, permanent antler
  • 175-3: Removable floor-mount rail, removable antler
  • 175-4: Dual, removable floor-mounted fastening system
  • 175-5: Permanent, wall-mount rail, removable antler

Mounting Kit Variations

Stainless Steel Rail: A stainless-steel rain is available as an alternative to the standard aluminum rail. The stainless-steel rail is recommended for high-use ambulance services, but functions identically to the aluminum rail.
Rail Length: Some variations in fastener-rail length are available for installers with unique ambulance conditions. Contact FERNO for assistance.

All Features and Benefits

  • Kits come with everything you need to mount your fastener
  • Choose permanent or removable antler and rail
  • Choose location of mounting


  • Ambulance Manufacturer’s Division (AMD) of the National Truck Equipment Association Standard 004 (August 2007 edition), Litter Retention System Static Test
  • Federal Ambulance Specifcation KKK-A-1822 revision F (2007) as applicable; NFPA 1917 (2013 edition)